• "It's helped us to shift from a mindset of larger, monolithic projects, to rapid learning and execution. It's been a great experience and our team has embraced it enthusiastically."

    1. Leading in a platform economy - x 2.5 hours

    This 2.5 hour workshop is designed to get your leadership team focused on rethinking how you perceive imagine and exploit assets. It is a precursor to developing a platform strategy.

    Though this is primarily a platform perspective it applies to any kind of digital transformation.


    The workshop is focused on a Platform and Ecosystem activity that gets your leaders thinking in terms of how you can better exploit the assets in your business domain.


    That means uncovering your own assets and the assets of enterprises, small firms, and partners around you. It means also beginning to reappraise what your real assets are. So many firms think in terms of core competency, they neglect significant assets that they own.


    But the new game in town is, anyway, the exploitation of 3rd party assets. As you begin to think about 3rd party assets you will start to sketch out the ecosystem that could hold the key to a more innovative future.



    The Workshop begins with a presentation on the platform and ecosystem as a business model, the importance of identifying a new asset mix, and the importance of functioning at Scale, Scope and Speed.


    It continues with a table activity focused on asset identification, ecosystem development and platform strategy.


    And it ends with feedback and facilitated learning on the enterprise's potential platform strategies.

    2. Continuous innovation - Half day

    One of the most important features of the digital economy are the new "economies of scope" that platform technologies make possible.


    In fact, digital companies function at scale, scope and speed. In this workshop we focus on scope and in order to develop the capacity for scope you will need to rethink how you segment your markets.


    Here's an example of why: In financial services, most banks segmented their markets in terms of account holders, premium account holders and high net work individuals. Of course they thought of selling different products in to these segments.


    Startups like TransferWise noted that banks had no real focus on serving customers that needed currency exchange services. In an era when the number of small businesses dealing in six or more currencies grew at 129% in three years, this was rich pickings.


    Not focusing on your segments will cost you business. In this exercise we do a prior analysis of your customer base in order to propose different ways of seeing those segments.


    We then take you through a targeted ideation process where you will develop new ideas that can bring greater customer success.


    This workshop feeds directly into Leading in a Platform Economy where we match new customer success factors with your assets and ecosystem.



    1. Prior research

    2. Presentation of customer segmentation and the needs of digital enterprises

    3. Table activity as in Workshop 1.

    3. FLOW - Day Long

    Is your company ready for the platform and ecosystem economy? Can you compete with digital leaders who are redefining how business gets done? Can you manage innovation at scale, scope and speed?


    In this day long workshop we are going to show you how.


    This workshop is aimed at cross-disciplinary teams headed up by the CIO, CMO, Heads of Innovation and strategists.


    We will take you through the ways that strategy is being redefined around the platform experience, how business leaders are exploiting assets in new ways along with their ecosystems, and how execution has now shifted to continuous innovation across multiple services, functions and service features.


    The benefits you will come away with include:


    • A better grasp of continuous strategy setting in a platform economy
    • Richer asset exploitation
    • The ability to identify and build an ecosystem
    • Learning how to innovate and work at the speed and scope of digital leaders
    • And how to bring different parts of the business together to do digital transformation


    It will teach you:

    • How microservices and other IT innovations open up the scope for better value creation for customers How to segment customers in order to set yourself up for the arrival of continuous innovation 
    • How to discover new assets and build an ecosystem to delegate risk
    • How to set strategy for scale, scope and speed
    • Use ultra-short cycle times for better planning and quicker delivery
    • Achieve 80% of your value propositions quickly while reducing waste
    • Startup-style pivot ability
    • Improved performance through better peer accountability



    The Day:


    1. Innovating for scale, scope and speed

    Presentation Haydn Shaughnessy and Fin Goulding


    2. Small Steps to Big Change -Setting up your digital innovation capability

    The Customer Innovation Wall and The Executive Portfolio Wall

    New insights in customer segmentation, portfolio discovery and the use of small steps to activate big new strategies

    Exercise on the value of richer customer segmentation / Exec Portfolio Wall TBD


    3.Discovering assets and ecosystems to serve customers better

    Table exercise


    4. Setting Platform strategy

    Group Feedback session and discussion


    5. The Practice of Continuous Innovation

    An Introduction to FLOW Fin Goulding


    6. The fundamentals of flow

    Exercise on reducing cycle time, visual work venues, Minimum Sustainable Delivery and continuous innovation


    7. Summary and benefits


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