• "The flow from focusing on end customers through ideation, to value creation, and then to rapid learning has transformed the way we approach our work."


  • Designing for the platform landscape

    Platforms facilitate scale, scope and speed in innovation and should force you to appraise your ability to function at scale, scope and speed.

    Even if your strategy is not to be a platform you need new ways to innovate and new ways to work


    Explore hidden assets and ecosystems

    You can hire us for a 2.5 hour workshop where we help you explore under-used assets and your hidden ecosystem.


    Learn the tools of continuous innovation

    Combine new asset know-how with research and training on working with your ecosystem to deliver continuous innovation.


    Build out a new strategy for the digital age

    In any case you want to engage your leaders in thinking about a new strategy and new ways to work. We're with you all the way.


    Foster continuous value creation

    We will help you understand how to leverage 80% of the value of new projects with 20% of the effort by using FLOW techniques

  • What We Do

    Executive training in platform economics and platform strategy

    Leading in a platform economy

    Platforms = a new way to explore + exploit assets

    The platform model allows an enterprise to discover underused assets in its own organisation and match them with assets in the wider ecosystem. In this half day workshop Collective Next and Haydn Shaughnessy talk you through this new economic model to help you create a new digital strategy using the platform and ecosystem model. The target audience is your strategy department, C-Suite and the wider leadership team.

    Continuous innovation at pace

    Customer segmentation + platform leadership = innovation at pace

    Business platforms allow companies to innovate at scale, scope and speed. That makes it all the more important4 that innovation is targeted at the right customer segments. In this workshop we combine our platform leadership activity with new ways to segment your customer base at the organise multi-layered innovation. The target audience is the digital transformation office and heads of innovation.

    Innovation and Continuous Delivery

    Continuous innovation = continuous value creation

    And in this day long workshop we will take you through the fundamentals of applying FLOW work methods to ensuring you have highly targeted innovation activity, quick value development and the continuous delivery of innovation to customers. The target audience for this activity is your senior leadership team but in particular the CIO, CTO, CMO and their teams.


    Our aim is to help organisations become infinitely adaptable to changing market conditions

    Collective Next

    Business transformation facilitators

    Our solutions help our customers create meaningful change that can propel their organizations forward. We take a holistic approach to the core components of the change journey and have successfully supported companies in the Fortune 100 as well as smaller companies just beginning their journey to greatness. We are happy to collaborate with Haydn Shaughnessy on bringing you engagement and education in platform strategy.

    Haydn Shaughnessy

    Platform economics and disruptive technology expert

    Haydn Shaughnessy is one of the original authors of platform strategies and platform transformation techniques. In Shift: A Leader's Guide to the Platform Economy, he sets out the unique characteristics of platforms, while in FLOW: A Handbook For Change Makers, he and co-author and CIO Fin Goulding spell out the new ways to work that will make your platform and digital strategy soar.



    Fin is currently international CIO at global insurer Aviva where he is a member of the senior leadership teams dragging a 300 year old organisation into the digital age. He has pioneered new ways of working in his roles at Paddy Power, Lastminute.com and Visa. Fin is one of the top 100 CIOs globally and, in addition to being a keen marathon runner, is an in-demand speaker on digital transformation.

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